C’est la Vie Holiday Catering Menu

Orders accepted until November 21st

To place an order call (360) 553-5836 or email keri@soireesupperclub.com

Please include your name, contact information, full order.

Prices and availability are subject to change due to the current state of affairs.

Pick up date is Wednesday, November 24th between 10am-2pm

C’est la Vie Holiday Catering Menu

Artisan charcuterie board
6”x6” — $20
8”x8” — $40
10x 10 — $60
Brie, cranberry & rosemary pull-apart loaf on GCB* sourdough $25
1 dozen mini Scones with 8oz Devonshire Cream $30

Sides for 4 or 8 People

Spinach, artichoke & cream cheese bake $30/$55
Rosemary infused cauliflower and potato mash $30/$55
Brussels sprout gratin $30/$55
Maple Dijon roasted butternut squash with bacon $30/$55
Bacon-wrapped green bean casserole bundles $30/$55
GCB* Como bread stuffing with herbs, apples & pecans $30/$55
Fresh orange and cranberry sauce $15/$25

Sweet Stuff

Sweet potato and macadamia nut pie $40
Pumpkin mascarpone pie $30
French apple cake with fleur de sel caramel $40
Cranberry and orange crumble coffee cake (9X9”) $40

*GCB = Grand Central Bakery